Anyone who has ever had a pet knows how important they are to us. They are a part of our family. Last week I lost a part of our Family. He was a White boxer named Caesar. He was almost nine years old and passed away quietly in the doctors office while my wife and I held him in our arms. Caesar was my best friend. He was always there when we got home waging his stumpy little tail with a toy in his mouth ready to play and be petted. Someone once told me that he wished he could be the person that his dog treated like he was. I felt that those were profound words. No matter what kind of day I had or how bad I felt Caesar always acted like we were best buddies. He was willing to give us unconditional love no matter what. I miss him. I still walk into the door at night and it takes me a minute to realize that he wont be there to greet me. The kids still ask where he is and we tell them that Caesar is in heaven now. I remember when I first interviewed for the job at Oregon Printing, Judd asked me if I had a dog and we had just gotten Caesar at that point. He was a puppy and adorable. For the first 5 years of his life Caesar was our baby. We had no kids so Caesar was the child we didn’t have at that point. And once we did have Kids, Caesar was so good with them. He let them roughhouse with him and lay on him and he would always just lick them and wag his tail(stump). Caesar was a good dog and a better friend. I miss him every day.  The best lesson he taught me was to always look for the good in people, because he always saw it in everyone and treated everyone like he was their best friend.


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  1. Hi Judd,

    I’m a little late catching up with the blog, but I wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your loss of Caesar.


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