Capabilities_0007_White Ink


For short-run projects, printing with white ink used to be expensive. Not anymore. With our HP Indigo 5600, we can print white ink digitally. Now, we can print pieces with white ink for less—and with faster turnaround times.

White ink is a great option for dark or colored substrates and as a base color for window clings.

Keep these tips in mind when designing with white ink:

  • Make sure that it’s a spot color (not CMYK), and call it out as “White.”
  • While you’re working, change your “White” spot color to another color build (keeping it named “White”) so you can see the white locations while designing.
  • If using white behind another color, make sure the color above it is set to overprint.
  • If using multiple hits of white in specific locations, create layers for each hit of white and label them “White 1”, “White 2” and so forth.

Read more tips in our digital design guide.

Still unsure how to finalize your artwork?

We can design your next project and set up your files for print.


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