I don’t want to Die in the Hospital!

Mike in a Brace

4 weeks of this prior to surgery..

As anyone who has ever had surgery knows, it’s a scary thing. There are always risks involved and even though those risks may be small there is always a chance something could  go wrong. I am going “under the knife” on May 5th to have surgery on my neck. The surgery is called a Laminoplasty and will hopefully allow me to return to normal activities. I will be off work for 4-6 weeks and in therapy for probably 6 months or so.

Mike's blog pic

My Neck

This is a picture of the procedure. It involves putting in Titanium spacers after cutting “trap doors” in the Cervical Spine. I am having 3 of these inserted.  I will be in the hospital for a day or two then home recuperating for a few weeks. I wont be able to lift my arms above my head for 4 weeks or lift more than 1-2 pounds for 4 weeks, then nothing more than a gallon of milk for 3-4 months.  After that hopefully I will be back to full speed. A few things that are permanent as a result of this surgery are no more roller coasters or demolition derbies.

The biggest reason I decided to write this blog is to tell all of you out there how much I will miss you during my time off. Even though I haven’t met all of my customers and have only talked to some of you on the phone, I still have always tried to treat everyone with respect and always do my best to make sure everyone goes away feeling like they were treated the right way and got the service and products they expected. In my absence I am sure that the team at Oregon will exhibit the same customer service you have come to expect from me and that they will make my absence as unnoticeable as possible. While I am gone please don’t hesitate to contact Judd, Anita, Laurie or Joni and they will be more than happy to help you.

Follow up note: Mike’s surgery went well we think, his wife called and said he lived. We did not want to post his blog entry with this headline until we were sure. If you’re reading this Mike, we all wish you well!

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