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Side view from the parking lot










It’s finally here: this month, JZ Construction finished work on Oregon’s building expansion. We’re awaiting final inspections now, and will be moved in and ready to work by early September.

Why all the fuss? Because the extra space the addition gives us (1,700 feet, to be exact) equals more room for all of us to work.

And that helps the people who mean the most to us: our customers. Still wondering why you should care? Here are 4 ways our building expansion will benefit you.

  1.  More efficient parking. Parking has always been great at Oregon because it’s free, but we just made it better. We re-paved our whole lot, well, because it badly needed it. And because we’ve got great neighbors in Emmanuel Baptist Baptist Church (next door), we removed the parking blocks separating the 2 lots and a lot of our employees will park there, giving us more customer spaces. It’s all around nicer and gives everybody easier access.
  2. One-stop shopping. This expansion gives us greater capabilities in terms of personalization, database-driven printing, and mailing projects. So there’s no need to visit one shop for printing, and another for finishing and mailing work: we can handle it all for you, all in one place. And that means you can reach your mailing lists faster than ever.
  3. Peace of mind. If you’ve come to see us recently, you know we’ve been short on space. We’ve made the most of it, of course—but some extra breathing room will allow us to take on larger, more complex jobs with confidence. There’s no longer any chance of details getting lost in the shuffle.
  4. A less-stressed team. More space doesn’t only mean we’re better suited to handle big jobs. It also means we’ll have space to spread out to do hand customization, design, and precise finishing work—without tripping over one another. This will give everyone’s workday sanity a boost. And it’s sure to pay off in the way we relate to customers.
Building Addition 3
Inside, waiting for final inspections…

We’re excited about the possibilities our new building brings—and we can’t wait to pass its benefits on to you. Want to come check out the shop for yourself? Stop by Oregon Printing Communications anytime—we’d be happy to show you around.

(And if that name made you say “huh?”, stay tuned for our next post.)