Target your compelling story to the right audience!

When it comes to direct mail, no matter how much of a compelling message you come up with, it only matters and delivers results if you can deliver it to the exact right audience – those that are most likely to convert on the action you want them to take (like RSVPing, donating, etc.).

Before we dive into targeting, let’s remind ourselves of the 40-40-20 rule in direct mail:

  • The First 40% success rate depends on reaching the right audience
  • The Second 40% success rate depends on a compelling message or offer (this is where the compelling story and response comes in)
  • The final 20% rides on everything else, design, paper, day of the week you mail and so on.

The First 40%: Targeting

The first 40%, is making sure the message goes to the right people, and that might involve not just a list of who you know, but strategically expanding your audience with a trusted partner. Did you know we can duplicate the characteristics of your most recent donors? We can also create a list of those with the propensity to give.

Imagine the potential if you could send your best appeal letter to a targeted potential donor based upon the duplicated characteristics of your most recent donor!

How could this new tool increase your reach? Could it positively impact and possibly increase your incoming revenue?
We can even show you how technology can help you craft a donor list based on geographic radius.

This is possible when we partner with you and utilize our tools to enhance your donor population pool. We take the information you give us and confidentially utilize a trademarked process to obtain the best information for you to acquire the ideal identities to mail your carefully crafted letter to.

Your investment is minimal when you consider that you will have access to this ideal list of potential donors for one whole year! You can choose to use a portion of the list for different mail appeals based upon your focus. We can choose to look at demographic information, such as household earnings, zip code locations, or even recreational or hobby categories like camping to create a segmented target.

Why is this important or relevant for you and your organization?

We help you:
● Save time
● Raise awareness
● Pinpoint your ideal audience to increase your success rate.

We also help you cut costs by focusing on your ideal population, thus limiting the potential of wasted letters. We assist you with paper choice, the best message for your audience and the best way to send your letter. If you are a nonprofit, we can assist you with ensuring you have a nonprofit status with the USPS, to help you mail your letter at the best rate possible.

Our local Miami Valley Council Boy Scouts of America, Camp Joy, Crayons to Classroom, and United Way Dayton are a few organizations that met or exceeded their philanthropy goals with our support.

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