There’s no such thing as ordinary day here at Oregon. Between the sizes of jobs we take on, the printing techniques we use, and they types of organizations we work with, no two days are alike.

We thrive on this. It keeps us on our toes. It forces us to push our boundaries and constantly learn new things.

We’ve talked in the past about some of the bigger projects we’ve taken on. But what about the smaller, more everyday ones?

Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks:

A familiar brand for a local church

Far Hills Community Church in Centerville has a strong visual brand with an established color palette and graphics. They needed a new program printed, and came to Oregon for help. We took Far Hills’ existing design files and modified the CMYK build to match their PMS color.

In their case, one of the colors was orange, which doesn’t translate well between color types. But with a series of proofs on the paper they would be using, we were able to match all their previously printed material as well as the banners hanging in the main hall.  Now, Far Hills has a new version of its main communication piece that’s up-to-date but consistent with the look its members have come to know.

An all-inclusive solution for a big event

The I-70/75 Development Association is an economic development network made up of professionals from the areas served by interstates 70 and 75, which cross paths here in Dayton. In May, the group held its 12th Annual Economic Development Summit, which drew in hundreds of attendees. Last year, Oregon helped establish the look and feel of the event’s print materials. This year, the Association asked Oregon to deliver the whole package.

Using the files we developed last year, we designed and mailed a 2014 version of their personalized invitation one month before the summit. Then, we created clothbound portfolio binders for all attendees, including printed agendas, session descriptions, and other inserts. Our work took the burden completely off the Association’s hands—so they could focus on running a great event.

Delivery of a highly specific need

A distributor of military and hard-to-find electronic components, Aschbacher & Associates, Inc. does some things the traditional way. They needed snap-out forms for keeping track of purchase orders—a carbonless receipt that isn’t produced much anymore.

Oregon contacted a vendor that still produces the forms and got them to the shop. We had Aschbacher’s logo files already on hand, so we were able to print logos and add copy to the snap-outs in no time.

High-quality materials on a dime

On a Monday, the owner of IES Global, a local software company, came to Oregon with a request. He needed new business cards, rack cards, and brochures for a conference he was headed to in Florida—in less than 4 days. To top it off, his designer was located overseas, and was unfamiliar with U.S. paper sizing.

Oregon worked with the designer to develop the business cards and other materials. We used a thick paper, matte front, and high-gloss back for a professional, attention-getting look. And we got the job done in time for IES’ owner to head south.

The one thing nearly all of our projects have in common: they’re all ways of bringing our customers’ marketing visions to life. In one way or another, they all help our clients talk to the audiences that matter to them. The visions themselves differ, but the role we play is the same.

Got a project you need help rolling out? Contact Oregon Printing Communications today.