juddatmercuryawardsFor the past 10 years, the Mercury Awards have honored local vendors—the magazine reps, media buyers, printers, and more that support Dayton’s creative industries behind the scenes. And for 5 of those 10 years, Oregon has taken home top honors.

Once again, Oregon president Judd Plattenburg has been named Dayton’s best printer rep. It’s his third win—Operations Manager Mike Green has also won twice. Mike was nominated for the prize again this year, and Judd was also nominated in the best fulfillment/mail house rep category.

We credit our honor to our approach to solving customers’ problems. We don’t make things about us or offer customers things they don’t need. We simply do whatever we can to make our customers successful. And they appreciate the effort.

mercuryawards_programWe’re proud of our longstanding connection to AAF. Judd is a former board member, and we sponsored the awards and even printed the event program. We believe that every sponsorship is a chance to showcase our capabilities. On the brochure’s cover, we showed what our Indigo can do with gold paper topped with white ink and a UV coating.

We’re proud of the result—and even more proud to be recognized by the Dayton media community. It’s good to know that for another year running, we’re doing something right.

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