Oregon's Summer Cutler And Artist Ali FitzHarris
20190418 Ali And Summer_LR
Oregon's Summer Cutler and artist Ali FitzHarris
Ali, her mom Terri, and Oregon's Judd Plattenburg at the YWCA Women of Influence Luncheon
Oregon's Summer Cutler And Artist Ali FitzHarris Ali, Her Mom Terri, And Oregon's Judd Plattenburg At The YWCA Women Of Influence Luncheon

Being yourself can lead to great things: Ali FitzHarris

[The story below is a follow-up to a post we wrote three years ago about local artist Ali FitzHarris. We were thrilled to get a chance to catch up with Ali this past week!] Being yourself can lead to great…

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The First Keynote Speaker At DSCOOP, Chris Barez-Brown
The first Keynote Speaker at DSCOOP, Chris Barez-Brown
The closing keynote speaker, Johnny Cupcakes, was an absolute trip. He had started 16 businesses by the time he reached his 20s and told great stories.
Clint Runge of Archrival. Archrival specializes in working with and understanding the youth mindset (millennials, Gen X, Gen Z and younger). He talked about the markers that set generations apart and some good reasons why each group thinks the way it does. Another hint -- if we learn to manage them well, younger workers can be phenomenal producers.
Mark Potter, who publishes Canvas magazine and runs a content producing firm (Conduit), urged printing companies to think and act like media companies. He believes in using content creation as a sales tool versus sending out an old-fashioned sales force.
Judd with Alon Bar-Shany, VP and Head of the Indigo Division (See Judd's conversation with Alon in the sidebar)
The First Keynote Speaker At DSCOOP, Chris Barez-Brown The Closing Keynote Speaker, Johnny Cupcakes, Was An Absolute Trip. He Had Started 16 Businesses By The Time He Reached His 20s And Told Great Stories. Clint Runge Of Archrival. Archrival Specializes In Working With And Understanding The Youth Mindset (millennials, Gen X, Gen Z And Younger). He Talked About The Markers That Set Generations Apart And Some Good Reasons Why Each Group Thinks The Way It Does. Another Hint -- If We Learn To Manage Them Well, Younger Workers Can Be Phenomenal Producers. Mark Potter, Who Publishes Canvas Magazine And Runs A Content Producing Firm (Conduit), Urged Printing Companies To Think And Act Like Media Companies. He Believes In Using Content Creation As A Sales Tool Versus Sending Out An Old-fashioned Sales Force. Judd With Alon Bar-Shany, VP And Head Of The Indigo Division (See Judd's Conversation With Alon In The Sidebar)

President’s Blog: Mindset is Everything

A Mindset to Win In business, mindset is everything. I didn’t always believe that, but the longer I survive as a business owner, the more I recognize how true it is. For the last 10-15 years, the printing business has…

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Seen At Dscoop 2019: The Indigo Helps Create Customizable Children's Books With Personalization.
Seen at Dscoop 2019: The Indigo helps create customizable children's books with personalization.
Seen at Dscoop 2019: "Sleeking", basically printing digital foil, courtesy of the HP Indigo
Seen at Dscoop 2019: The HP Indigo allows up and coming breweries to print small label batches for new brews.
Seen At Dscoop 2019: The Indigo Helps Create Customizable Children's Books With Personalization. Seen At Dscoop 2019: "Sleeking", Basically Printing Digital Foil, Courtesy Of The HP Indigo Seen At Dscoop 2019: The HP Indigo Allows Up And Coming Breweries To Print Small Label Batches For New Brews.

President’s Blog: Collaborating with the Creative Community & Thoughts from DSCOOP Edge

Last week, we worked with our good friends at The Contemporary (formally the Dayton Visual Arts Center) to create invitations for their 25th annual art auction. To celebrate this silver anniversary, they wanted something really special and collaborated with LMG…

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The HP Indigo 5600
Indigo 5600
The HP Indigo 5600
Liquid Ink, Not Dry Toner
Liquid Ink, not dry toner
Indigo Print Engine
Indigo Print Engine: This press has offset capabilities, like plates and a blanket, but combines digital capabilities, like variable data printing
The HP Indigo 5600 Liquid Ink, Not Dry Toner Indigo Print Engine: This Press Has Offset Capabilities, Like Plates And A Blanket, But Combines Digital Capabilities, Like Variable Data Printing

President’s Blog: A Level Playing Field

[From time to time, Oregon’s President, Judd Plattenburg, provides commentary for the Oregon blog about the state of the business, industry, and community affairs.] The HP Indigo not only revolutionized digital printing, it helped smaller companies compete with the big…

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And the winner is…

We're thrilled to announce that Oregon has been honored in the HP Inkspiration Awards for the third consecutive year! Our self-promotion direct mail piece, "Print on the Edge" was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the 2018 competition. The piece was…

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Targeted Direct Mail for Nonprofit Organizations

The number-one priority for any nonprofit is advancing their organization’s mission. The number-one challenge? Ensuring donations continue to come in so that they can continue their work. There are so many worthy causes out there, and many demands on your…

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Some of the best marketing advice you’ll ever hear? “There is no perfect pickle. There are only perfect pickles.” Odd? Yes. Relevant? 100%. Let us explain: As marketers, and as human beings, we can be a bit…self-involved. We put the…

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Oregon Printing Communications is proud to announce it was recently awarded a 2018 Print Excellence Award from the Printing Industries of Ohio & N.Kentucky. Each year, Printing Industries of Ohio & N.Kentucky holds its Print Excellence Awards Competition to recognize…

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The Magic Behind White Ink

  When we hold a printed piece that features white ink, we know intuitively that it’s special—the colors and textures pop in a way that traditional inks just can’t capture. When used correctly, white ink creates eye-catching pieces that really…

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