It’s hard to believe that summer is already winding down. My son Nathan turned five, and has just started Kindergarten. And getting him there was no small task. My husband and I actually started the enrollment process early last year. It became our primary goal to get our child into the best school we could, period. School is hard, no matter if you are a parent registering you’re five year old for the first time or a busy public relations department for a major college.

Even after successfully getting my son enrolled in a good school we still faced doctor’s check-ups and shots, mounds of paperwork and online submissions. I honestly had no clue that it takes so much to get a five year old in to school. I can’t even imagine what it would be like on the other end of the table. What the teachers, administrators and public relations staff must go through to prepare for a mass amount of students. One of Oregon Printing’s higher education clients, Earlham College, has this task every year!

Earlham College Booklet
Earlham College Booklet

We work closely with the public relations department at Earlham to make sure we complete all of their projects on time. The ladies at Earlham have a lot on their plate as well. They start working for the next school year, even before the present school year comes to a close. So as I have only one child to prepare for, they have thousands. They not only have students, but the internal personnel as well. Anywhere from a new faces booklet introducing the entire incoming freshman class, complete with photos and phone numbers, to individual course Study brochures. Not to mention current events at Earlham and aboard, with international studies and more. But there is a twist… Earlham is in another state! They are located in Indiana… so why do they choose us? It’s simple: Oregon Printing cares, and we have the quality to back it up.

Earlham College Experiential Learning
Earlham College Brochure

We understand how crucial it is to make deadlines, even if they seem impossible. Just because you might be in another state does not mean your deadlines can’t be met. We work with many Colleges and Universities, both local and in other states. Technology and our workflow are wonderful things. They are able to upload their files right to our server and can rest assured that we will get the job done in a timely manner. Whether they need a pdf proof, or a color calibrated Epson proof, we will ensure accuracy and promptness.

I have a new found respect for schools and everything they do to give students the best education they can and here at Oregon Printing, we utilize our resources to ease their process. See why it’s easier for Earlham College to have their printing done 60 miles away.