Selecting the right print vendor to help you produce the best creative isn’t unlike choosing the right life partner. You’re likely looking for someone trustworthy, a person who has your back, someone dedicated to the relationship. And when you’ve met that partner, you just know it.


For the Dayton Art Institute (DAI), that partner is Oregon Printing Communications. Their relationship started more than 10 years ago and has thrived ever since. Not only has Oregon been entrusted with helping to produce some of DAI’s most prominent creative, but they also print much of the day-to-day materials, including business cards, rack cards, trifold brochures, annual fund letters, invitations, and so on. “We probably send something to Oregon Printing at least once a week,” explains Mike Griest, interim marketing director and sponsorship and special events manager for DAI. “They’re very responsive to our needs and always meet our quick turnarounds.”


The successful relationship these two organizations have built has been a product of mutual respect and admiration. According to Judd Plattenburg, president and CEO of Oregon Printing, he’s been enamored with DAI ever since the 1970s when he enrolled in a few of their photography courses. “I believe every vibrant city should have an art institute, and I’m committed to supporting this one.” For Mike, it’s important that DAI shops locally. “Partnering with a local print vendor is how we choose to exist in this space,” he says. “Oregon Printing is a company we know well, one that sources responsibly, employs responsibly, and those values are aligned with DAI’s mission and vision.”

The Dayton Art Institute, as it overlooks the Great Miami River is an important part of Dayton and its history.

When asked why they believe this partnership continues to thrive, DAI’s response was clear: It starts from the moment you talk to someone at Oregon Printing.


“They’re always joyful and ready to ensure our needs are met,” explains Mike. “Every time I call Liz Ball from customer engagement, she always asks how we’re doing … it’s that personal touch that makes you feel good about the relationship. Plus, their commitment to accuracy, billing, timeliness, and prompt communication really sets them apart from most other print vendors.”



DAI recently implemented a new tradition of collectively sitting down at the beginning of each calendar year to evaluate its organizational goals. This includes their creative plans and direction. And while most of this discussion is limited to DAI’s staff, Oregon Printing serves as an invaluable resource for educating the team on new printing technologies, methods to achieve desired printing effects, and a lot more.


“We’ve had great conversations with Oregon Printing about what’s available and what they can do with digital technology and new products,” explains Mike. “We’ve even shifted direction after seeing things that are new and interesting … it’s been great developing our relationship with them. Most importantly, they understand our unique brand needs, so we don’t have to keep revisiting our brand standards—they get the importance of staying on brand.”

For this year’s Art Ball, Ted talked to Mike about options before deciding on a square design on textured paper. Ted’s design helped set the stage for the overall theme of the Ball.

Ted Kauflin, senior graphic designer at DAI, believes giving that extra special touch to their work is an important differentiator. “We must expand our offers to our guests or the viewer,” explains Ted. “Each year we want to present something different, something out of the ordinary from what we’ve done in the past.”



According to Mike, in the education space, materials are often generic one-offs that sometimes resemble other people’s work. But he says that collaborating with Oregon Printing has resulted in creative that’s always on-brand, unique, highly professional, and one-of-a-kind.


“Producing creative that’s unique while still remaining on brand, modern, and on the cutting edge is where we’re headed, and we’re seeing a positive impact,” explains Mike. “The right invitation, right design, right graphic will drive interest. We must get people interested and motivated to come to our events, while translating enough of the experience of the art through that invitation, that poster, that digital piece to make people want to see it for real and not just look at the picture. It’s tough and that’s what we’re constantly trying to create.”

Before Ted started as lead designer, DAI asked Oregon for help in designing the Bourbon and Bubbles logo for 2022

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