Now here’s a topic that makes most printers’ heads turn the other way. If you’ve ever seen a brochure printed digitally (with some kid of toner technology), you’ll know how it cracks and  looks bad when folded (especially coated cover). I’ve walked by the folder one too many times to see a great looking digital job with a cracked white line showing through a solid on the fold. Uhhh! So when Marty (the bindery master) came to me suggesting we spend $1,200 on something called the Ultimate Score Package, I was a little skeptical. We had looked at it in Chicago at the print show last year, but I honestly did not pay much attention.

Well, we went ahead and purchased this thing (at both Marty and Bob’s urging), which looks like a rubber score ring (opposed to metal) and some other key parts and pieces. I am absolutely amazed at the difference it makes; after you score it, it looks like any other score but it folds perfect. Marty showed me how the hard rubber or plastic puts a crease in the paper instead of cracking the grain.

Actually, creasers are getting big in some digital applications, but it’s great to be able to apply that same technology to our current scoring and folding machines. It seems like a small thing, but believe me, the cracking associated with digital printing can be a real headache. It’s great that with every “little” thing like this, the ability to do small, full color work that looks great on a budget just keeps getting better and better.