Print on Demand; Inventory Reduction Strategies

It was not long ago that ordering larger quantities of most printed material was the best way to bring the per unit cost down on most print runs. It worked like this: most of the cost was in the set-up,  film, plates, tight color registration, all those set-up things that took time and a high level of skill.  Then, once you had it running, you might as well run double the amount because the press was running smoothly and that second 10,000 (or whatever the number was) would be a…


“Print on Demand”….Part 1

When you look a little closer it's more than just producing quick printing, it's a lot of things that have to happen just right to get a print job transferred, produced, delivered, and everything be right.

Document Management Through Online Catalogs

The challenge for us as a team (client + Oregon) is to figure out how to give our customer a simple way to order their products, see the cost as they order (and the cost needs to be as low as possible), and spend as little time as possible with this task.