It’s not what you are THINKING! Ok, now that I have cleared that up, what is it?

It’s all about being “Lean”

"Lean" may be a buzzword today, but look at the majority of successful manufacturing companies and you will find they have embraced "lean" concepts. Today's market demands projects be done right, be done on time and be price competitive. To meet these criteria consistently and without cutting corners, we know running a lean operation is key. Below are some of our underlying principals for operational decision making that allow us to run " lean ". Hold the minimum inventory needed to run operations without interruption. We have developed relationships with our suppliers (mostly paper vendors) to allow us…


When Client-Vendor Relationships Work

It seems like when the economy gets tough, all the  "how to sell" talk turns to relationship building. But hasn't that always been one of, if not the most important part of any business...that link between the client and the vendor. I guess to start with, if you're going to be in customer service or dealing with vendors on an everyday basis, it really helps to like people. Even after that, it takes a lot of work to develop strong relationships, and these days, everybody has a stake in it.…