Taking Advantage of Our 5-Color

We are having great results  on our Heidelberg PM 5-52 (simple for extremely automated 5/Color printing press), with different varnishes, coatings and spot colors.  Printing varnishes inline will add gloss to photos, or a header you want to pop.  Flooding a sheet will add rub resistance and help with bleeds in the cutting stage.  Another cool application is our "Kentucky Shine",  It appears like a thick varnish but dries faster and harder.   Coated cover is best, because on a lighter sheet it wants to curl the sheet too much.  Both…


The Class for Presidents

Over the last 4 years we have developed a penchant for continuous improvement, and once you decide to take that journey, you go down a lot of pretty enlightening roads, one of which was a presidents class that I just took. I spent 2 days in the "Class for Presidents" at The Aileron Campus in Dayton, OH, and just ate up the experience. It was about envisioning what the future state of Oregon should look like, and that's a tough one to put into words. The fact really hit me…