Spaghetti Sauce & Direct Mail

I love food. Living downtown in Dayton, I am lucky to have a grand selection of fabulous restaurants to choose from however it seems that every weekend, I notice myself going to the same restaurants week after week. Why? Now this seems like an odd question to be asking while listening to Trish Witkowski from giving a presentation on “critical steps for creating mail that performs” during DscoopX last week but it was close to lunchtime… Like most human beings, we are creatures of habit. We’re comfortable with the…


Use out-of-the-box substrates to make your print stand out

  It’s said that anything worth doing is worth doing well. That certainly applies to your print materials: competition is fierce, which means that you need more than just any old flyer to catch a reader’s attention. One way you can do this is with unexpected substrates. These surfaces go beyond paper—now, you can print using textures, metallics, magnets, and more. What do new substrates mean for you? And how can you choose the right one for your project? Consider a few different scenarios: You’re a restaurant owner on a…


What would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail?

  Strange though it may sound, sometimes constraints are what you need to really get creative. That’s why the question above is so powerful. By eliminating failure as a possibility, you can focus your priorities and allow yourself to dream big. This month, we’re encouraging designers everywhere to do just that: Dream without fear. Print without limits. Abandon what you thought was possible and try something new and different. This isn’t just talk. Advanced digital printing technology has enabled print pros and other creatives to push beyond old limits. The…