Did somebody ever hand you a Business Card that really got your attention? Not because of how nice, thick and rich it felt, but because of the lack of a good feeling?  I never ceased to be amazed at the lack of thought and quality people and companies will put into their Business Card programs, especially in today’s world where marketing your product or service is so important and at  the same times so much more can be achieved digitally producing cool cards.

Exchanging business cards

First off, in an Expert Advice Post we lay it out how important we think Business Cards are as a marketing tool. It is so true that when you leave a client or prospect, most of the literature you gave them will probably end up in the trash and the Business Card will be the only piece that is kept. Like most of us in today’s world, our goal in marketing is to drive people and prospects to our website where they can learn more about us or maybe we just want them to have our email and phone number to contact us when they need us. Thats whats so important about business cards.

Now back to the original idea. Make your Business card something people will remember and want to keep. I believe the first thing that makes the card is the feel (The feel = the weight of the paper it’s on). There’s nothing worse than a flimsy business card, it just feels cheap. Design is important also. Of course,  to get the very best and coolest designs you can spend some money. But don’t let that scare you, we have thought out some pretty cool cards and did not spend a huge chunk of money. A lot of times, thinking through what you want to achieve, what information you want to convey, and some basic design principals, you would be amazed what you can come up with.

Business Card Exchange

Consistency is also another pet peeve of mine. Business Card programs should be designed so that all your cards look consistent. This is usually more true with larger companies that have lots of people getting cards, they need to understand the importance of their brand. Business cards reflect your brand. We have programs that can help with ordering lots of different versions of Business cards, with variable names and consistent brands, that make remote ordering easy and very affordable. And with digital technology, we can put them on heavy paper, use lots of color and generally turn heads when you give somebody your card. Thats when life is good.