Whether you’re an established business or a new brand, your identity materials (both printed and online) help you present a consistent face to the world. Time and time again, we encounter companies who have invested in professional branding, but their identity falls short when it comes to execution. When a color isn’t matched seamlessly, or a logo is blurry or sized incorrectly, a brand, and by extension a company, suffers.

As self-proclaimed “Brand Stewards”, the Oregon team is on a mission to make sure that our client’s brands are presented consistently, professionally, and most importantly, correctly.

See how we’ve helped other businesses polish their identities and keep their brand’s integrity by exploring the case studies below.

YWCA Women Of Influence Event: Design & Materials

More Than a Printer:

Whether you’re building your brand from the ground up, need collateral to match an existing identity or are going through a rebranding, reach out! We can help you create new or re-work current pieces to best reflect your brand, or, can help you avoid common pitfalls in a rebranding process like errors with color matching from print to web.

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Featured Resource:
Visual Style Guide 101

Just getting started? Download our free “Visual Style Guide 101” booklet to take the first steps at building a visual style for your brand.

Bringing it to Life:

When your branding has been clearly defined for print, we’ll help you put together an identity set that fits your needs. This might include specialized items like letterhead, envelopes, business cards, or notecards. We can also supply you with other types of promotional materials you can use to show off your brand, from static clings and coasters to banners and mugs.

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