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Don’t see what you’re looking for among our other print solutions?

We love pushing the boundaries of print and can create pieces that are exactly what you’re dreaming of. Oregon offers a variety of specialty and custom solutions that can bring your biggest and boldest ideas to life.

A few custom solutions we offer include:

  • Fluorescent inks
  • Dry and wet trap varnishes
  • Sparkle varnishes
  • Soft touch varnishes & laminates
  • Rounded corners
  • High saturation for color-driven designs
  • Metallic papers
  • Intricate direct mail campaigns using personalization with multiple moving parts
  • Complex folds
  • Unique die cuts

…and much more.

There’s no idea too “out there”

We encourage you to create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. And with our digital printing capabilities, we can make it happen quickly and affordably.

If you have an idea but want to see how it looks when printed, we can send you a press check or proof. And if aren’t sure where to start and just need to brainstorm, give us a call anytime.


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