Mailing services are another way that Oregon has you covered start to finish. Trusting mailing to Oregon streamlines your own work process, saving you time traveling to the post office or finding another reliable vendor to do the job.

We offer a range of mailing services that will keep your mail pieces consistent and compliant:

  • Address cleanup, standardization, and duplicate removal using the latest National Change of Address (NCOA) data
  • Mailing list purchasing
  • Inkjet addressing
  • Automated letter inserting
  • Wafer sealing
  • Mail merge capabilities
  • Versioning & Personalization

Our in-house variable data capabilities make personalized direct marketing a breeze. We can purchase mailing lists that meet your exact specifications, selecting demographics including age, income, household information, and geography down to the carrier route. Lists are available for one-time use or multiple uses. We also highly recommend tracking the results of a mail campaign—and can provide guidance on how to do so.

Oregon is a Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)-certified mailing service provider, the most stringent certification in the business. What this means for you: bulk discounts on postage and near-perfect delivery rates.


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