Capabilities_0009_paper and substrates


Create an experience with your brand. With specialty paper types, you can add a sensory dimension to your print pieces. Paper types can help tell your story and convey your message. For example, if you’re an art studio and want a postcard featuring a painting, use a textured paper to give the piece a canvas feel.

The options are almost endless. Get inspired by paper types like:

  • Glossy papers
  • Matte/silk papers
  • Uncoated papers
  • Pre-converted papers (folders, hang tags, and table tents that are already die-cut)
  • Colored papers
  • Linen papers
  • Felt papers
  • Touché papers
  • Metallic papers
  • Lenticular substrates (perfect for 3D effects)
  • Pearlized papers
  • Thick papers
  • Translucent papers
  • Lustre photo papers (great for showing off photography)
  • Window clings
  • Tree-free papers
  • Pressure-sensitive papers (labels, stickers & more)
  • Clear papers
  • Vinyl (permanent & repositionable)

Some things you just have to see and feel to believe. Request a free sample pack today.


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