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The world of Ad Specialties has grown over the last couple of years, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Ad Specialties (sometimes called Promotional Products) are a great way to keep your company’s products and services top-of-mind with your customers and prospects. I’m sure you are familiar with Ad Specialties products – things like pens, coffee mugs, shirts and so on – all with your company’s logo on them. They make great giveaways, or you can even make all of your employees into walking billboards. Either way it keeps your message in front of your intended audience for a long time.

Oregon Printing Logo MallSo let’s talk about the business of Ad Specialties, and how easy it’s gotten to put your logo on almost anything. Believe it or not, the easy part is putting your logo on something, the tough part is being creative and figuring out what you want. To make your ideas come a little easier, we’ve added a Promotional Items Search Engine to our website called My GiveAways, and it has access to almost any promotional item on the market. You just key in what you are searching for and what price range you want it in and chances are good that you will find something.

ASI Member LogoIf you don’t see what you are looking for, just call us and we can do some brainstorming. Plus, we have more comprehensive search capabilities here at the shop. My GiveAways is part of the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) community, where we have access to thousands of members for a full range of items. This tool also provides satisfaction ratings for all vendors, so we can make sure you’ll be happy with all aspects of your purchase. From there we can produce a mock-up of the item with your logo on it, and request a sample from the manufacturer. Just like printing, it’s important to know what you are going to get before we actually say OK to the order.

One of the great things of dealing with a printing company like us for your Ad Specialties, is that we understand logos and the file formats they come in. And, chances are good if you are a customer that we deal with on a regular basis, we probably have your logo. If not, we can work together to figure out what we need to do to get or create you logo (we are very good at that also).

The time is right to make that move and give your company more visibility (your competition probably is already doing it). Check out My GiveAways or give us a call and let’s talk about how Ad Specialties could supplement your 2010 marketing plan.