When we talk about personalized print, we’re usually referring to variable data, or information that digital printers can customize based on an organization’s knowledge of its reader base.

But what if you could print pieces that didn’t just have customized text, but an entirely unique pattern on every single piece—even if you were printing millions of pieces?

That might sound like science fiction—but with the HP Indigo, it’s a reality. Using the Mosaic application in HP’s SmartStream Designer software, you can upload a single image—then have that image rotated, stretched, and skewed in an infinite number of combinations.

Dynamic personalization at the push of a button

Here’s how it works: Mosaic starts with a vector PDF image—ideally one with an elaborate pattern. It then uses a mathematical formula to transform the image’s X and Y coordinates, and creates the number of unique images you need in the format you specify.

The technology is brand-new—HP just released the first version of the software after a beta version. And big brands are already giving Mosaic a whirl. Coca-Cola Israel created a campaign for Diet Coke featuring 2 million unique bottle designs. Coke also designed one-of-a-kind billboards, t-shirts, and other merchandise that consumers could get customized to match their bottles of choice. The message: each of Diet Coke’s consumers is unique, so their drinks should be, too.

If you attended Oregon’s Open House in July, you know that we created our own Mosaic project. We printed 2,000 unique coasters that we gave out to guests. Each attendee received a 4-pack of coasters labeled with a personalized gift tag (for those who RSVP’d). We challenged guests to compare their packs to others’ to see if anyone could find an exact match.

Creativity unleashed

We’re excited about the potential of innovations like Mosaic, which could be applied to anything from event invitations to business cards. Tools like this are yet another reason we like being at the table when our customers are brainstorming new projects. We can suggest new techniques and help you unlock creativity beyond your wildest imagination.

The only limit is how big you can dream.

Want to learn more about Mosaic or other new techniques in print? Contact Oregon today.