Digital printing has really start to hit it’s stride at Oregon Printing over the last year. Since we added a new Xerox Digital Press last year, our digital print sales are consistently growing. It’s great for those quantities between 1 and 500; some of the things that we are doing consistantly on the digital are

  • Full color tri fold and by-fold brochures
  • Full color sales sheets to go into pocket folders
  • 1/sided and 2/sided color business cards on up to 100# stock
  • Color Programs and event books
  • Wedding invitations and Holiday cards
  • Full color, full bleed posters up to 12 x 18
Color programs rolling off the new machine
Color programs rolling off the new machine

I ofter hear about people that go to their local office supply or nationwide quick print chains and they have great equipment but their staffs are untrained in color management and as a result they don’t get the consistency they are looking for. We have put a lot of training into our digital print operators who understand commercial color management to begin with (they come from the pressroom and prepress), and Xerox has also given us a lot of support in that effort. The result is consistent color from job to job, which is a real advantage for customers when they need to establish a trust level that jobs will consistently look good.

Plus, I can’t say how sweet it is to have trained Adobe output experts on staff.

So check it out, it just gets better every day.