If you’ve worked with Oregon before, you probably know that we can personalize your direct mailing materials. Maybe we’ve helped you out with a campaign or two. You might have noticed an increase in sales…but then again, that could have come from other marketing efforts.

How do you know if your mailings are hitting the mark?

Between getting a project laid out, designed, printed, and mailed, it’s easy to forget to track results. But when it comes to direct mail, learning outcomes is just as important as making sure the right message reaches the right audience. After all, if you’re not making sure a campaign is effective, what’s the point?

At Oregon, it’s important to us that you get your money’s worth for your print projects. And our top suggestion for getting the most out of your direct mail campaign is this: tracking. You don’t need fancy analytics tools to get started. You could start by simply asking new customers how they learned about your business. If they mention your mailer, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

If you want deeper insights into customer responses, they’re out there—there’s a whole science behind this stuff. In our next post, we’ll talk about some more specific ways to track response data—which will help you understand your customers, and help us build you even better campaigns.

Ready to get started? Give Oregon a call and we’ll talk direct mail.