Together, Indigo Technology and Oregon Printing
Bring Outside-the-Box Ideas to Life


Since releasing the first Indigo printer in 1993,[1] Hewlett-Packard (HP) has been at the forefront of revolutionizing digital printing. The Indigo offers fast and affordable color output and on-demand, personalized printing that’s on par or exceeds traditional offset printing. Pairing Indigo’s cutting-edge capabilities with Oregon’s decades of expertise and passion for innovation enables Oregon Printing clients to create unique designs that other vendors might find too difficult or time-consuming.

Take, for example, a dinner invitation that Oregon recently created for The Contemporary Dayton. The client wanted an intriguing design that conveyed a bit of mystery since the dinner location wouldn’t be revealed until 24 hours before the event. They landed on a modern design that takes advantage of the Indigo’s strength in printing on a multitude of substrates like the translucent paper (almost) used for this project. “We couldn’t have done this five to ten years ago,” explains Judd Plattenburg, president and CEO of Oregon Printing. “It did take some experimenting with a variety of paper stock before we found the “ghostly look” the client envisioned, but sometimes that’s what it takes.”

The original plan was to use a translucent substrate for all. After running white ink tests, we decided (with customers input) to use clear polyester on the invitation and a silver metallic paper for the envelope.

Printing on unconventional paper is growing in popularity thanks to digital printing’s expanding capabilities. Oregon recently created an announcement for the University of Cincinnati, where they flooded black ink on gold metallic paper. The result was a simple, eye-catching approach that conveyed luxury and sophistication.

Using simple black ink on gold metallic paper makes an elegant invitation. But details matter: the envelope needs to match the invitation stock, the black ink needs to dry and be scratch resistant and so on….

While technology plays a key role in design elevation, so does know-how. And sometimes a commitment to get it done the old-fashioned way, as was the case for a pocket-sized book for The Human Race Theatre Company. “It was just a little bigger than a business card and showcased their full season of performances,” explains Judd. “By using the Indigo and doing a lot of hand trimming and stapling, we made it possible.”

Small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, but full of the season’s information on each show. A QR code on the back allows for a more complete reading on everything when it sparks somebody’s interest.

Looking for a way to elevate your design? Email Oregon Printing at [email protected] or give them a call: 937-222-9418. They’re excited to help you achieve your vision!

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