iStock_000010118665XSmallWhat is it that we are the best in the world at? In today’s world of printing, that’s easy to forget. First off, the Printing & Graphics market  has changed and is changing so quickly still that the way we did things 10 years ago has no resemblance to the way our shop runs today. I’ve said before that we are very lucky; we’ve had the opportunity to invest in modern equipment and workflows plus we’ve hired forward thinking people. That changes a lot, because I think we get it.

Second off, the world and market we all live in changed drastically last year. All of a sudden small runs, variable data, full color are the hot items, and the big burdensome print runs are not so hot. Nobody wants to order a large inventory of items and keep them on a shelf just to get the price down. They don’t have to, the digital revolution changed all of that. Order just what you need and make changes to your printed copy when something changes. Design something once and repurpose it to print, the web, all kinds of digital media and any other places you brand your self. I get excited about all the different technology we have at our fingertips now. I just forget that since I work in the middle of this industry, its all around me. We need to help our customers understand what they can do to think differently about printing and save some money.

So my goal this year is to talk and blog more. I have a lot to say (a lot of hot air I’m told) about the way things have been done and better ways of doing them that save money & time. I know some people probably don’t want to hear it, because they make money doing things the way they have always been done. Remember the commercial 1984, lets break down some of these old walls and embrace the change for the better…It’s a new decade!