This time a couple years ago, “print is dead” hysteria was in full swing. Traditional media outlets were expected to slash their rosters or go under for good. Digital replacements were closing in. One thing was certain: our media viewing habits would never be the same.

Now, the dust has settled somewhat. And while plenty has changed, print is very much alive. So instead of fearing for their lives, printers are reevaluating their roles, figuring out where they fit in this multimedia, multi-platform world.

Life after the digital shift

Companies are reinventing themselves in different ways. Some are sticking to printing as their core offering. Others are becoming full-scale marketing service providers (MSPs). This isn’t a bad move—but by positioning themselves this way, MSPs are putting themselves in direct competition with established marketing agencies.

Oregon is taking a slightly different approach. At a company board meeting some weeks back, we were throwing around ideas for a new tagline, one that would sum up our place in the changed industry landscape.

The phrase we chose: “Implementing your Marketing Vision.”

To me, the most important word in that tagline is “implement.” We’re not marketing strategists or creative geniuses. We leave that to the designers, agencies, and other firms we work with. Our strong suit isn’t inspiration, but implementation—the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting required to get marketing materials produced, from ink and paper choices to mailing and distribution.

Think of us like your wide receiver: you set up a brilliant play; we catch your pass and run the ball home.

Same partners, new possibilities

Business strategyIn many ways, this is how printers and marketing agencies have always worked together: one brings the ideas, and the other brings them to life. Our value proposition hasn’t changed—but the tools at our disposal have. We have more advanced digital printing capabilities than ever before. We can use variable data to personalize materials for targeted consumer groups. And we can get pieces into the mail stream according to the latest postal regulations.

And we have the digital revolution to thank. (Guess it wasn’t so bad after all.) We’re still printers, through and through. No matter what the future brings, implementation will always be what we’re best at. New technology just means we can keep doing what we do—but better.

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