Test Clear Vinyl with low-tack adhesive, (L) Opaque white on the back makes for vibrant color on front (M), and on a window (L)
Test run: clear vinyl with low-tack adhesive, (L) Opaque white printed 1st on the back makes for vibrant color on front (C), and on a window (R)

A customer heard through the grapevine that we had a new Indigo. And he knew that the Indigo could print on vinyl. He was looking to place an order for static clings, the thin vinyl cut-outs you often see applied to windows, doors, and other glass surfaces.

There are a few reasons the Indigo is so great for these substrates. For one, it can print opaque white ink, providing a background for otherwise-transparent clings. It can also be used for extremely small print runs.

There are many types of vinyl substrates, however. True static clings contain no adhesives, meaning they stick only to clean and moisture-free surfaces with ample static. We talked with the customer and found he actually needed something a little more durable.

The clings would be placed on glass shower doors for sale in retail stores. He needed a cling that would stick, but could be removed easily (and leave no residue) by a customer once they brought a door home. By understanding the product’s final application, we were able to recommend not a static cling, but a clear vinyl with a low-tack adhesive. And we could buy small batches of the material in just the amount the customer needed.

It’s always been our goal to not just respond to customers’ requests, but to look beyond to understand their unstated needs. That’s why we like to have a conversation before we process an order. Tell us about your project, and we’ll recommend the best materials for the job.


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