As 2024 starts to quickly unfold, it’s important for organizations to shift their fundraising strategies into high gear. Simply reusing an old mail list and updating last year’s creative probably won’t cut it. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, you must understand donor engagement and the application of data insights to create a successful campaign.

According to Judd Plattenburg, Oregon Printing owner and CEO, engaging with donors and understanding what emotionally motivates them, and tailoring that approach, can significantly enhance fundraising efforts. “Do you know whom you’re going to mail to? Have you thought about looking at some different ways to acquire new donors?” asks Judd. These questions underscore the importance of not only understanding your current donors but also considering strategies for expanding your reach.

Judd also highlights the significance of relating the success of last year’s campaign to your current and prospective donors: “Explain the impact of what you did last year so they can see… so they can emotionally feel it,” says Judd. This emotional connection is a powerful tool in fundraising because it helps donors see the tangible results of their contributions. People love feeling their help is doing great things and are likely to donate again when they see their donations put to good use.

Talk directly to your audience; tell them the impact their gift is having on on your organization’s mission. Muse Machine of Dayton has proved very successful at this for years.

In addition, it’s essential to leverage data and technology. “Big data is getting bigger every day. So, let’s use it to make your campaign better,” says Judd. Making the most of data analytics can help organizations better understand their donor base, tailor their messages, and track the effectiveness of campaigns. If you don’t have any donors yet, or if your list is small or hasn’t evolved, reach out to Oregon Printing. “We can help you evaluate your business and help determine donors most likely to be impacted by your fundraising,” explains Judd.

At WYSO Radio, Luke Dennis talks directly to donners, based on data they collect throughout the year.

Remember, finalizing your fundraising strategy for 2024 can’t wait. It’s vital to understand and expand your donor base, communicate your impact effectively, and leverage data and technology for a successful fundraising campaign. As Judd says, “Think about it now because at the end of the year, you want to have positive numbers.” Shift your 2024 campaign fundraising into high gear and call an Oregon team member today: +1-937-222-9418.