With OPC’s track record of understanding our clients’ personal goals and making them our own, we were able to run with it and get her exactly what she needed. Julie wanted a look and feel that would emulate an old photo album. After meeting with her and brainstorming, the OPC team ran a handful of tests to precisely meet her vision.


print mail art photo book for Umbra by Oregon Printing Dayton OH

What we came up with was a small photo album book on black paper, with white ink and full-color photos. We would create a unique “hidden Wiro” binding system so the album would look more finished. By using different layers of white and multiple hits behind photos and images, we created a look that is out of this world.

Finally, with a textured black cover and using black ink on black paper, we subtly incorporated her branding onto the album.


print mail art photo book for Umbra by Oregon Printing Dayton OH

Julie now has a piece that she sends to art galleries across the nation to showcase her unique and special talents.

By working with Oregon, I was able to take an idea I had in my head and bring it to life. I feel like they really took the time to listen to me and had the expertise to plan and execute what we developed. This has been a great tool to send to galleries and studios, and the response has been all positive.

— Julie Jones


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