Antioch College has a huge database of community members and a regular need to speak to them on wide, personalized bases to garner support for the school and its mission.

They came to OPC knowing we could not only print exactly what they needed and push the boundaries of design, but because they knew we could fully handle and help manage the data personalization, printing, assembly, and mailing too.

Antioch already had a design for the letters that would stand out in the crowd: a 6×9 envelope with coverage on both sides, complete with a Non-Profit precancelled stamp. 

Because they also already have a large, segmented database, they needed a printer that could handle the varying levels of data personalization, and OPC was up to the task just like in past years.


print mail fundraising letter by Oregon Printing in Dayton OH for Antioch College

OPC helped design, personalize, print, and send off the mailings, including coded cards so Antioch could analyze later which messages worked for different target audiences (for example, large versus small donors).

We packed an extra punch by covering the big, 6 x 9” envelopes in bright, heavy colors. They knew the bold creativity of the design would be exciting–Antioch would not be overlooked alongside junk mail in front of their end-user.

When brand integrity and data accuracy are second nature to us, this wasn’t difficult to deliver.


print mail fundraising letter by Oregon Printing in Dayton OH for Antioch College

These mailings, which Antioch does once or twice a quarter, continue to be successful. OPC’s favorite aspect of these campaigns with Antioch is that the imagery and creative design can change every time, while still creating brand consistency and recognition.

The design flare made possible by our in-house printing capabilities come together for a can’t-miss campaign, every time!


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