I can’t believe its Spring already, and probably one of the worst things I’ve done is not post on this blog…blog posting is tough, especially when you are (or at least think you are) busy. But we have been busy with a bunch of stuff. We’ve been looking at new digital printing equipment, we need to expand our building, we’ve been talking to some very qualified candidates for the sales department and all of that equals a lot.

So, some new digital printing equipment?  There’s a lot of super cool, super productive stuff out there in the last couple of years. I won’t say quite yet which machine we’ll pick, but the whole object is to be able to digest digital jobs quickly, make them look good and get them delivered. I used to think it was important to qualify what machine we used, but it all looks so good anymore, you really just need to know “is it color or black and white?” and “when do you need it?” Well not really, we’d like to know how are you using your printed piece, and what results do you expect from it, but thats for a later discussion.

I don’t know how many people have been to our building, its a nice, neat and clean building…but we are tight. Now thats always worked for our lean and mean philosophy, but still, we are tight. We’ve got a very cool plan on the drawing board to double the building size, and believe it or not, it seems to work within the city regulations, but there are still a few hurdles to clear. I hope to be writing about these plans within a couple of months.

To get ready for the bigger building move (and we’ll do this weather we build or not) we are remodeling our front office. Well, we are not really remodeling, but getting a bunch of new furniture and just making a lot better use of our space. Remember, Lean and Mean. But this does give us back our conference room, and we need that, plus its going to look good.  And somebody new in the sales department…I won’t say anything quite yet, but we’re close.

So I feel like we are right on the cusp of making a bunch big moves, and I’m really proud of what is motivating all this…to get more volume, better looking, more complicated work done and delivered more efficiently than ever before. But from a customers standpoint, it needs to be done right, it needs to be done on time, and it needs to stay within budget. I’ll go into some depth about what these changes mean for customers, but I hate to say to much before its on the floor.  Stay tuned…