Mercury Awards

 It was a busy last week, and heading into summer there was lots of stuff going on around this old town. On Thursday, it was the 3rd Annual Dayton Ad Club’s “Mercury Awards” at Moraine Country Club. The Mercury Awards program honors those in the sales, support and education professions, and the winners are selected by members vote (members of the GDAA and Dayton Creative Syndicate cast the ballots). Happy hour was a good one, with a mixture of the old dinosaurs, the middle ground (like me) and some of the young “Creatives”, all stuffed in one room.  A lot of mingling and shaking hands (don’t forget the heavy Hors DrOves). What a mix.

After Patrice Hall (president of Dayton Creative Syndicate and designer at Real Art) said some words, they started giving out the awards. When our own Mike Green won for Printer Rep of the year, I thought I’d have to go get the trophy (cause he was still in disbelief). Printer Rep of the Year was the largest category, with at least 1 rep entered from every major printer in town (some had up to 3), so this being our second trophy in 3 years must say something good about us. Great night at the Mercury’s. Here’s a listing of all honoree’s and the winners are in bold

I missed Urban Nights on Friday, although I know that DCS had their first photography contest going on. I’m sure it was fun, I don’t know how those young creatives do it night after night.

On Saturday I went on down to Canal Street to watch the Physodot’s only show of the spring (they usually only come once a year around Thanksgiving). Besides rocking the house, Niki Dakota opened for them. Yes, thats the same Niki thats the WYSO music director and has her show “Excursions” during the week. I was more than impressed by her guitar playing and voice…Great job Niki. And of course the Dots were on fire and (as stated earlier) just rocked the house. If anybody remembers the old days when the Slugs would play the Walnut Hills on First Street (prior to Brown St. location), it almost had that kind of feeling.

That was a big 3 days, but its great to see this town getting some energy as we head into what could be a great summer.