Ore-Logo-Vert-Tag-CLR-HRA new building isn’t the only big change happening at Oregon this month. We’ve also taken some time to look inward. And after lots of thought, we decided it was time for a new look.

Reinventing yourself is a trickier process than you might think. So to get inspired, we worked with Yellow Springs creative firm Bing Design.

We started with a brainstorming session to dive in to our personal history, values, and beliefs. One thing that emerged was the strong connection to the outdoors shared by many of our staff. Another big theme was our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs, no matter how unique.

Those discussions led to our new icon, shown above as part of the logo. To us, it represents a few different things (yes, it’s more than just an “O” for Oregon):

  • Ripples of water. These represent our expansion from offset printing, which we’ve done since 1976, into other areas, like digital printing and mailing services.
  • A fingerprint. That’s because each customer and job we take on is unique. And we offer personalization capabilities for targeted print materials.
  • The rings of a tree. Paper is, of course, an essential ingredient for our business. But we’re also proud outdoors nuts. We believe in getting in touch with nature—and in being responsible with the resources we share.

It’s amazing how one tiny image can sum up our passions, our culture, and what we stand for as a business. To me, this icon says something else, too: that we’re creative, but not flashy. Unique, but also straightforward in our dealings with others, whether they’re customers, partners, or employees. I can’t imagine a better representation of what Oregon is about.

Speaking of defining ourselves, these discussions also helped us choose a new name. As we thought about our role in the changing world of print, we realized our name, too, might need some tweaking.  The title we chose: Oregon Printing Communications.

To us, the name mirrors the evolution of our business. We’re more than just a print shop: these days, we’re a full-service advisor and listening ear for our customers, ready to help them reach all of their communications goals.

We want to hear from you: what do you think of Oregon Printing Communications’ new look? Let us know in the comments.

New Oregon Brand Board
New Oregon Brand Board