You already know that when it comes to creating a new print piece, your main focus should be on your audience and your offer.

The third piece of the puzzle is design—how your piece is going to look and feel. What’s the best way to get inspired and push the limits with your print design?


white-ink-goes-digital2Our advice: Design for the paper.

For some designers, paper selection comes after the initial design is complete. But with today’s abundance of paper options, if you’re not making paper a part of your brainstorming process, you’re missing out.

The great thing about printed pieces is that they are tactile by nature. Readers can pick them up, touch them, feel them, and smell them (yes it’s possible!). Isn’t it time to give your readers a more memorable experience by selecting the right media?

Gosiger_0001_gosiger-3Specialty papers can help tell your story and convey a tone. For example, if you’re a manufacturer of steel products, select papers with a metallic look. If you want to demonstrate your organization’s environmental commitment, choose a paper made from recycled materials or even one that’s “tree-free.”

With so many options to choose from, your paper choice can even help awaken the rest of your design. Creative substrate choices may spark ideas for your copy, concept, finishing techniques, and more! Promoting an event? Instead of doing a standard flyer or poster, turn it into a window cling which makes it easier for businesses to put up in their shops – the possibilities are endless!

Don’t know much about paper? Oregon can help.

We can share paper swatches, sample projects, and explain tips and techniques for using paper to make your brand stand out. We can also show you how to combine innovative paper varieties with new inks and finishes. For example, you could print white ink on dark paper or use embossing to create a 3-D effect.

Guardian_5There are more paper possibilities than ever before, and almost no limit to what you can do. Ready to get started? Let paper lead the way.

The right paper can make all the difference. Contact Oregon for help choosing the perfect paper for your next project.