If you’ve ever moved to a new city where you don’t know a soul, you know what a challenge it can be. You don’t even know where to get a good slice of pizza—let alone where to get a health checkup, open a bank account, or take your car for repairs. Plus, you still have loads of boxes to unpack…

It’s not a fun situation. But one person’s challenge is another person’s opportunity. If you own a business, listen up.

“New movers,” as they’re known, are a type of consumer unlike almost any other. They’re in the market for, well, just about everything. They typically spend in three months what non-movers spend in five years. And the companies that connect with them first will often be the ones that get their sales.

So how can you capture this market? One way is by using a new movers list for your direct mail.

A new movers list is like any other mailing list that you get from a data house. Data companies put them together using public records on address changes, home sales, phone lines, utility hookups, magazine subscriptions, and more.

You can have the list generated for any area you choose. Some data houses ask you to select the ZIP codes you want to target. Others allow you to draw your desired area on a map. You can also request even more precise lists based on certain types of demographic information, such as age and income.

New movers lists are a good fit for a range of businesses, from doctors’ offices and restaurants to home improvement contractors and local nonprofits. You can develop small-scale, targeted campaigns to reach newcomers to your area. It’s a great chance to send a coupon for a purchase or an introductory offer. You could also create a year-long campaign to educate new arrivals about your business with mailings sent out each month.

Because they’re highly targeted, these mailings tend to be cost-effective. They’re a good way to make a positive first impression on people who might not know which local services to choose. Settling into a new home and city is stressful. But a recommendation or discount from a friendly local business can mean one less thing to worry about.

We think it’s the neighborly thing to do.  Interested in starting a New movers Mailing Campaign? Contact us today to get started!