I think the way we all buy things has shifted quite a bit this year. Amazon trucks dominate neighborhoods and online ordering is said to be up by nearly 75% at retailers like Target and Walmart. The trend is affecting print and marketing ordering, too.

We have a lot of customers that I refer to as our supply chain customers. These are medical offices that have lots of forms and marketing materials, or companies that have lots (sometimes hundreds) of salespeople that need business cards. The supply chain customer needs consistency, dependability, and ease of use to keep their operations running smoothly.

While there are a tremendous number of upload-and-print internet platforms out there, we’ve found that there is a lot lacking when it comes to the VistaPrints of the world. Think consistency, a human being to talk to when things are not right, and a company behind the platform that really cares about your Brand Integrity, as well as you. I could go on – but you get the point.

Now, back to my first thought: The pandemic has moved the need to get more of our customers onto our new e-commerce platform than ever before, call it a sense of urgency. Why, you ask?

  • To place your order any time of day, anywhere you have an internet connection
  • To be able to see a picture of what you are ordering before you order, and an actual proof of what will be printed before you push “Print”
  • To see all of your cost options for different quantities before you order
  • To choose when and where you want your project delivered
  • To automate the process, which greatly reduces the possibility of errors, as the job moves through our system faster than ever

We partnered with some of the best in the business to get this system right, as we wanted to bring our customers the convenience they desire while also allowing them to support local!

If you feel like this might be a solution for you, let us know. We would be happy to set up a meeting however you are most comfortable to talk about it. If it is not a good fit, we’ll tell you. But if you are responsible for your company’s printing and marketing supply chain, you owe it to yourself to at least look at and understand what Web-to-Print can do for you. It is truly the complete package: The convenience of an on-demand system coupled with the benefits of working with a local company that has your back, always.