Looking for real results and solid ROI for your direct marketing campaigns? Personalization and follow-up tracking are keys to success. There’s a fine line where your budget and the level of personalization meet. In order to find that sweet spot, you need to be deliberate and pre-plan.


Planning ensures not only that your campaign’s effective in raising money, but that it’s executed in a way that helps you make informed decisions and wise investments in future mailings.

We’re experts in direct mail, and can help you preplan with to-do lists and timelines. We’ll ensure you’ve got the tools you need at the outset, like a Post Office nonprofit authorization number, and a comprehensive, effective recipient list.

In fact, a clean database, with correct information and formatting, is crucial to targeting an audience of likely contributors—and the time invested at the outset will also save you considerable expense later.

Calibrate Your Message

The surest way to connect emotionally with the people you’re reaching out to is by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Search for a message that will resonate with your recipients and encourage them to invest in your cause.

Thank you follow-up mailers have also proven to be effective in securing future donors. People who donate love to find out exactly where their money went; a follow-up note of appreciation is also an opportunity to tell your story and prove that your organization is a sound investment.

Track Response

Tracking is a science of sorts, and can weed out the guesswork. It helps measure the success of your mailing, and allows you to create more targeted, successful campaigns in the future.

Tracking has many forms, depending on your budget and goals. Coding on return cards is one way to accurately measure response. You can do an even deeper dive with A/B testing on headlines and other key messaging. Keep it simple: too many variables, and it’s impossible to identify the differentiating factor.

The right paper can make all the difference. Contact Oregon for help choosing the perfect paper for your next project.