We are having great results  on our Heidelberg PM 5-52 (simple for extremely automated 5/Color printing press), with different varnishes, coatings and spot colors.  Printing varnishes inline will add gloss to photos, or a header you want to pop.  Flooding a sheet will add rub resistance and help with bleeds in the cutting stage.  Another cool application is our “Kentucky Shine”,  It appears like a thick varnish but dries faster and harder.   Coated cover is best, because on a lighter sheet it wants to curl the sheet too much.  Both processes are run inline.

Speaking of cool applications, we have a die cutting system that attaches to the fifth unit.  This enables us to perforate, score, and die cut inline, still utilizing the 1st four units for printing. You can talk to Mike or Judd to see if this application works for your project.

With the 5-color we can run a spot color with 4-color process which makes matching a PMS color easy while keeping cost close to a process run.

The specs are 14.5″ x 20.47″ sheet size and image area is 14 x 20.375.  We use 8 mil polyester plates from our Mitsubishi DPX 2 computer-to-plate system, great plate!

The automation helps us in many ways as well, the auto wash makes going to spot colors a quick change.  We will run 1, 2 & 3 color jobs on her, especially if it’s a long run.  She will do 13,000 impressions per hour all day long.

We are very proud of our 5/C Heidelberg PM 52, and love to show it off.  We welcome visitors, and Judd is a great tour guide.