I’ve been thinking lately about the role of print in today’s world (see last post). And I’ve concluded that print is a key to memory that we can’t get by without.

But when it comes to doing business, what does that actually mean?

We know print isn’t the only option companies have to share their brands anymore. It may not be the easiest or least expensive option, either. But think about print’s tendency to stick in your mind, and you’ll see why it’s impossible to ignore.

Take this example. Let’s say you’re a salesperson who makes calls to potential clients’ offices. You have a great conversation—but what do you leave behind? A handshake and a smile? A business card with a link to your website?

If you don’t leave prospects with something they can see and feel, chances are that once you walk out of the office, you’ll be off their minds. But what if you left a custom printed pocket folder with digitally printed inserts, customized to speak specifically to your client’s needs? Or an attention-grabbing brochure with a compelling description of your business?

If you can leave something really beautiful, creative, and memorable in your wake, clients won’t forget it the second you leave. Instead, they’ll have a reason to think of you. To hang on to the piece and give it another look. And when the need arises, to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Awesome-looking brochures, folders, and other materials are easier and more affordable to print and personalize than ever before. And they can speak volumes about your brand every time readers pick them up. They certainly don’t replace social and digital strategy—they enhance it. That’s why making print a part of your communications strategy is not just good financial sense—it’s good sales sense.

Plus, it’s always nice to give folks something to remember you by.

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