As we all know, its been a tough year, and as to many printer know also, the print market is not getting any bigger. Even without the economic woes and recession of the last year, the print market is shrinking, just because there are so many new alternatives to get messages out and communicate with people. So the print market is definitely not as big a piece of the communications pie that it used to be. Thats kind of a double whammy for a lot of smaller shops out there between these 2 circumstances.

On this note, my old friend Randy Keithly (owner of Bucher/Drummer Printing) decided to retire his presses and close the shop. I’m always saddened to see a local printer close their doors, but am extremely honored that Randy recommended his existing clients to Oregon Printing. So if you are reading this as a new Oregon customer (or thinking about being one), coming from Bucher; Welcome! Hopefully we have your files (film or electronic) and somewhat of an order history. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call me personally or anybody in customer service, we’ll be more than happy to help out through this transition.