What do we love about Dayton, Ohio?

It’s no secret that Oregon’s love for Dayton runs deep. Many of us grew up here, so we know some of the town’s best-kept secrets.

But we believe in sharing good ideas with others—so we asked a few members of the Oregon team about their favorite things to eat, drink, and see in the Gem City.


What’s your go-to restaurant in Dayton?

Lucky’s Tap Room and Eatery in the Oregon District has great burgers, craft beer, and friendly staff—the perfect combo in my book. My tip: listen to your server on their specials and recommendations. They always know what the chef’s got cookin’.

– Bob Allbery


What’s your favorite thing to do in Dayton?

I love going to Flyers basketball games with my son. Dayton has always been a great basketball town, and even when the Flyers aren’t playing as well, they still have a strong following.

– Mike Green


What’s your favorite Dayton band/musician?

As a musician myself, I have a lot of respect for the Dayton music scene. We are blessed with a really great blues guitarist and have an abundance of bands of all styles, like rock, blues, reggae, oldies, and country. I can’t pick just one.

Who knows? Maybe sometime one night you’ll hear my band, Sucker Punch, playing around town.

– Dan Cordle


What’s your favorite Dayton-made beer?

I think the best beer in the area is Warped Wing’s Flyin’ Rye IPA. The flavor and the hops are just the right combo.

– Jim Hoelscher


Why do you love working in Dayton?

I enjoy working downtown because I get to see the growth of the city and its culture. There’s something in this town for everyone.

Tour historical properties and learn about the history of Dayton if you’re a history buff. Try unique fare and make friends with fellow craft beer and bourbon lovers at the local eateries. If you’re into the arts, there are festivals, live music, First Fridays, museums, performing arts, and more. Dayton packs big-city perks with a small-town feel.

– Summer Cutler


What’s Dayton’s best-kept secret?

I grew up in Texas, and every Sunday my parents would take us for a “road trip” to our lake property. We would always get a Big Red soda and Andy Capp’s Hot Fries for the ride. When I moved to Dayton, I could never find “Hot Fries” on a regular basis.

But when I started working at Oregon, I found them right across the street at Big Daddy’s Drive Thru. They have been nice enough to increase their weekly order to make sure they keep their inventory stocked for me.

– Glenda Abston