Even though constraints are what keep us safe, and keep us from failing, sometimes the lack of them is what can feed our creativity. That’s why the question above is so powerful. By eliminating failure as a possibility, you can eliminate the constraints for a moment and let your creativity flourish and allow yourself to dream big.

This month, we’re encouraging designers everywhere to do just that: Dream without fear. Print without limits. Abandon what you thought was only possible and try something new and different.

This isn’t just talk. Advanced digital printing technology has enabled print pros and other creatives to push way beyond old limits. The only thing stopping you is your own imagination.

Here are a few new ways to get creative with print:


Design for the paper.
Paper can make all the difference in a design, and today your options are endless. Years ago, our paper options were simple: white stock with a matte, glossy or uncoated finish…Not anymore! Now we have papers with pearlescent effects, metallic finishes, colored papers (even black or dark blue) that use white ink under the normal 4/color to make it visible (you really need to see this to believe it), and so much more is now available. Why not try a paper that really brings your print to life?


Finish with adventure.
New paper types aren’t the only way you can make pieces stand out. Textures, die cutting and creative folding are perfect for pieces where you really want to make an impression, like an event invitation or a sales package. Heck, you can even mail it out in a clear cellophane envelope to really make it special!


Personalize your communication.
Now that you have a design that really stands out, why not talk to your prospect on a personal level? Here’s where digital printing really allows you to think big. When you take that stunning design you just finished and add in personalization, your chance of campaign success rises exponentially.


Keep optimizing.
Digital printing means we can use data to create materials that are customized to recipients’ interests. We can use data to personalize anything you like: colors, imagery, messaging, even your offer. We can even utilize A/B testing to see which version of a piece works best for ROI, then refine your pieces over time.


The best ways to get creative will, of course, depend on your individual needs. You don’t have to jump at every cool new technique – but we encourage you to start by banishing fear and doubt. Then let the creative sparks fly.

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