Storytelling has always been an incredible tool to convey more than just words
Storytelling has always been used to convey more than just words.

Earlier this month, I headed to Las Vegas for the annual Print on Demand Initiative (PODi) AppForum. Conferences like these are usually a high-tech wonderland—and a great chance to peek into our industry’s future.

That’s why I was so surprised when a totally non-technical theme emerged: storytelling.

The keynote speech, given by PODi President Rab Govil, addressed just this topic. He explained how organizations can build “storytelling cultures,” and the important role stories play in growing sales. Stories get remembered and build emotional bonds—and that’s where sales come in.

It wasn’t just during conference sessions that stories were front and center. I also noticed it after hours, at dinners and coffee breaks with fellow attendees. I talked with printers from companies big and small—and I found that no matter what our background, each of us had a story to tell. And we were all eager to share with others.

This got me thinking. It’s not just us salespeople that need to think in stories. As printers, we’re essential in helping businesses, schools, and nonprofits tell their stories to their customers. Working with designers, content creators, and customers to craft a cohesive, compelling brand story is a major part of what we do. It’s why we think it’s important to maintain strong relationships with copywriters, designers, and marketing pros.

Oregon handles the implementation side of the equation—taking others’ creative concepts and bringing them to life. But that doesn’t mean we just blindly do what we’re told. We also have a responsibility to our customers, and we don’t take that lightly. If we know that a project can be done more effectively in a way that’s different from what they’ve requested, we’ll tell them so. And if we have an idea for helping them better tell their story, we’ll share that, too.

I think this is a big differentiator for small printers. It’s what sets us apart from the automated shops like VistaPrint.

It’s not the takeaway I expected to come home with. But it’s one I’m definitely taking to heart.

What’s your story? Let Oregon help you tell it with print.