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Bonbright is not your typical beer distributor. Beer isn’t just business; it’s Bonbright’s passion. The company prides itself on its ability to not just sell beers, but also recommend products and help retailers discover new favorites.

Another way Bonbright sets itself apart from others is through its distinctive visual brand designed and developed by Real Art Design Group. Bonbright tried printing their own marketing and sales collateral in-house, but couldn’t achieve an exact color match. (These are people who know the difference between a Lambic and a Doppelbock—they know that small details matter.) Bonbright needed a new solution.


The company needed presentation booklets, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, and labels to stick on steel bottle openers, all in line with their brand guidelines.

We printed business cards in an unconventional size to help Bonbright stand out. And because the company uses precise colors as part of its identity, we identified the exact Pantone colors needed for consistency across all collateral.

Bonbright also needed spiral-bound booklets to bring to client presentations, which they customize for every new client. We recommended a French Pop-tone paper, and tracked down a bright yellow coil that matches perfectly with the distributor’s brand standards.


We keep all of Bonbright’s specifications on-hand. This means that when they call with a request for something new, we can turn it around quickly.

Now, Bonbright can rest assured that when they meet with a new client, they’ll have materials that reflect their professionalism and attention to detail. They can spend less time focusing on their print collateral—and more time educating others on the region’s best brews.


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