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If you’re from the Greater Dayton or Cincinnati area, you’ve probably heard of Camp Joy. A truly unique place, Camp Joy offers retreats, getaways, and development opportunities for adults and children in all walks of life. From specialty medical camps for families facing long-term illnesses to corporate outings to programs for inner-city children to traditional summer camps, Camp Joy has it all!

While Camp Joy’s diverse offerings make it a hugely important part of our community, the camp’s leadership and staff are constantly challenged with how best to communicate all of the different programs that they provide within their marketing and fundraising material.

The Project

Camp Joy reached out to Oregon for help with a fundraising drive. They explained to us that they needed to find a way to communicate their various missions with one voice and told us that the camp was struggling to effectively segment their growing database to ensure donors and followers were contributing to the parts of Camp Joy they most resonate with.

We brainstormed with the leadership team at Camp Joy and decided that the best way to tell the camp’s story was through individual stories from their unique campers. Working with our copywriting partner, we developed a marketing theme for the campaign, “Camp is…”. Using that theme, we were able to link camper stories provided by Camp Joy into a cohesive piece that included a personal story and a call-to-action letter from an ex-camper who became a counselor before moving on to a different, successful career.

From there, we worked with one of our talented graphic design partners to put together a piece featuring the stories and some fun facts about Camp Joy. We also added a tear-off coupon suggesting donation amounts with options for the donor to decide what area of Camp Joy’s offerings they’d like to see their donation go toward. The piece came together with moving photography from Camp Joy and a dynamic color palette. To ensure it stood out in the mail, we utilized a display window envelope with the mailing information on the back.

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2017Oct20  Oregon Case Studies RAW  19772017Oct20  Oregon Case Studies RAW  1976

Working with Camp Joy is a joy (they’re aptly named) for the Oregon team. Our President, Judd Plattenburg, was able to visit the Camp during this project and was overcome with emotion at the commitment the camp’s leadership and staff have to making our community a better place.

We will be working with Jen and the camp’s Development Team to track this campaign and to provide learnings about what worked and what did not, and to work to segment their data for future campaigns based on donor responses.