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Dayton Physicians Network was a thriving, growing business with a budding problem – inconsistency in their branding and customer-facing materials. When DPN’s new Director of Marketing took over their marketing functions, he knew the practice of parceling out marketing projects to different vendors had to change. Not only was it inefficient from a cost and management standpoint, but it was diluting the growing businesses’ brand, as each vendor was interpreting requests differently and utilizing different logos, colors, and language on customer and prospect materials. In the competitive healthcare space, the lack of consistent marketing was a serious concern for the company.

The Project

Dayton Physicians Network made the decision to consolidate and move all their printing to the team at Oregon. We began our engagement with a massive material gathering and review exercise. Working with Dayton Physicians Network and their past vendors, we gathered old files and existing printed pieces and began comparing them to the company’s defined branding guidelines. We discovered that materials weren’t being printed at consistent sizes (and, none of the sizes were setup to fit in DPN’s office displays), pieces utilized divisional logos when they should have been utilizing corporate (or vice versa), and that the brand’s defined color palette had been muted or exaggerated. In many cases, we also found that the company’s logos were unclear, wrongly sized, or flat out incorrect.

We took the time to update and reprint all pieces that didn’t meet the brand’s guidelines and cataloged along the way, ensuring that the new, in-brand files would be easily accessible for future editing or changes.

The results of the partnership between Dayton Physicians Network and Oregon are ongoing and two-fold:

  1. DPN has a fully in-brand suite of marketing materials, all readily available for reprinting or editing as needed, at one partner. This consolidation gives efficiencies to the company and supports consistency for the brand.
  2. The Oregon team is intimately familiar with DPN’s branding, and we can leverage our understanding of the style in all pieces that we design or print for the company. This ensures that our internal processes are streamlined, and that our output is always to customer expectations.

Talk about a win-win!