Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana is known for its commitment to diversity, promotion of off-campus study, and building of critical thinking skills. Thanks to Oregon, it’s easy for prospective students to learn about the college. Earlham produces over 30 different brochures each year to promote its programs and departments.


Over the past 10 years, the college’s marketing materials evolved from single-color pieces to four-color brochures. As materials became more sophisticated, Earlham needed a print partner who could keep up. They were looking for consistency across their many materials, quality that could stand up to their reputation, and pricing that a small college could afford.

Earlham struggled to find a local printer who could meet these expectations. Previously, staff members had to hand-deliver packets of files to local printers—the process was slow, and when it came to time-sensitive materials, simply didn’t measure up. Earlham needed to streamline its printing process.


The college found the perfect combination of quality, turnaround and service in an unexpected place: at Oregon Printing, nearly 60 miles away. Despite the distance, Oregon delivers the quality and quick work that Earlham needs. How?

  • We offer electronic order submission for both large and small jobs, so Earlham can easily upload files and project details without leaving campus.
  • We make it a priority to know our clients’ jobs. We intimately understand Earlham’s work, and can resolve problems before they arise.
  • Our workflow includes six checkpoints where we can identify and address problems.
  • Modern, high-quality equipment also helps us reduce costs—and maintain tight timelines.


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