Gosiger distributes computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools and offers automation solutions, engineering services, and training resources to machine operators throughout the industry.

With locations from coast to coast, Gosiger needs business cards—lots of them. Between the company’s 12 offices, we process as many as five business card orders a week. In the past, Gosiger’s business cards had to pass through an offset press multiple times, and also included a varnish—making it difficult to achieve consistent results under tight timelines.

Gosiger needed an efficient, cost-effective solution for its business cards—one that also reflected the company’s line of work.


When Oregon got a new digital printer, inspiration struck. Gosiger works with metal—so what if the company’s business cards themselves mirrored that theme?

A metallic effect can be difficult to achieve with any printer. But Oregon can lay down ink on metallic silver cover stock, making printing this special effect a breeze. Cards only have to pass through the press once. They’re not only easy to create—they can be produced more quickly and less expensively than Gosiger’s previous solutions.


We presented the concept to their marketing manager, who loved the idea. Now, Gosiger sales representatives across the country can order cards from Oregon and have them shipped promptly. Using our online store, reps can personalize cards using variable data like names, email addresses, and phone numbers, and specify where they need cards to arrive.

With their new business cards, Gosiger is saving money—and giving new customers a clear sense of who they are, before they even say a word.


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