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The Miami Valley School (MVS) has provided a unique learning option for families in the Dayton area for more than half a century. Their aim is to inspire and empower students through an immersive, academically rigorous program, and they succeed, time after time: MVS alumni include business owners and CEOs, scientists and physicians, TV personalities and even Emmy-award winning actresses.

Miami Valley School has been a valued client of Oregon Printing Communications for years, so when they recently approached us to help them with their 2017-2018 report, we were honored. MVS needed the report to communicate the year’s results, represent and uphold their brand, and encourage alumni giving. We were happy to help.

The Project

MVS knew what they wanted to stay in the 2017-2018 report when they brought us the project, and had most of the content they needed, along with photography, a mailing list, and a theme: “Here, we become a giving community”.

Oregon was tasked with pulling the information together, distilling it, designing the piece, and finally printing and mailing it.

When reviewing the materials, we realized that a lead story was needed to give the report and the 2017-2018 theme context. We reached out to one of our partners, an award-winning journalist, who developed an article and assisted in pulling the language of the report together into a cohesive story.

Once the content was finalized, our talented graphic design partner created the report lay-out and brought the project to life. As with all our projects, there was back-and-forth with MVS as we wrote and designed the piece to ensure we were on the same page and creating a report that met all the school’s needs and wishes. The collaboration produced stunning results: A 28-page plus cover, 8.5” x 11”, full color, Self Mailing, landscape opening Annual Report that makes both Miami Valley School and Oregon Printing proud.

Finishing the piece was not the last step in the Miami Valley School Annual Report project. Our next task was sorting out who should receive the piece.
MVS provided three mailing lists. In them, we had duplicates, old addresses, and instances where addresses were for parents instead of student alum, who were the target audience for the mailing.

We were able to combine all the lists, and de-duped them based on addresses. We also did some manual clean-up, working closely with MVS to determine if we had new addresses to replace outdated ones. Last, we ran the list through the National Change of Address (NCOA) software, which helped us update addresses of recipients who had moved.

As for the former students that have moved from their parents, we developed language to print on the report to help guide parents to the appropriate contact at MVS for updating their children’s addresses.

Since mailing, the 2017-2018 Annual Report has garnered a lot of positive feedback from both MVS representatives and alumni recipients. And, since the annual report contained a remittance envelope, and the message was a culture of giving, the fundraising results have been far above average.